Our 2021 Spring Showcase will be May 22, 2021. This has been a difficult year and we are so excited to see our dancers on stage for a real performance!

There is limited occupancy in the auditorium. Therefore, we will have an afternoon performance showcasing our younger dancers and an evening performance showcasing our older dancers.

Tickets are $12 per person. Due to the limited occupancy, everyone will need to purchase a ticket including children of all ages.

Please stop by the boutique or call the office to purchase your child’s recital costume.

If you plan on dancing in the Fall Showcase, you MUST be registered and taking class for the Summer II session (either in person or via Zoom) so that each dance will be performance ready.

The new Summer II schedule reflects our old Spring schedule and our new Summer II schedule. The classes from the spring session will be working on choreography for our Fall Showcase. Several of the classes are technique only and will not be working on performance choreography.

Stay safe & don’t forget to dance.