Class Schedule

Schedule will be posted soon. For the time being, please call the office to inquire about classes.

Summer 1 Dates: June 1-28
Summer II Dates: July 5-30
*Please note there are slight schedule differences between Summer I and Summer II schedule. Levels and times have been updated and some classes have been switched around.

Please go online or call (361)739-5839 to register.


We have returned to in person learning and are no longer offering classes via Zoom. Masks are optional for all.




Registration fee: $25.00  Family registration fee: $40.00 (2 or more members of the same household with tuition paid by the same responsible party.) 

Family Discounts:
2nd participant- 10% discount on entire tuition
3rd participant- 15% discount on entire tuition
4th participant 20% discount on entire tuition.

Tuition is a monthly fee for the entire month, except for prorated months of September late start, December ( ½ price) regardless of the number of classes in that month.

Throughout the year the average is 4 class days per month per class although some months may have 3 class days and others 5 class days. (For example: the days lost for Thanksgiving vacation in November are made up in December.) 

All students must be set up for automatic payments. Payments are processed on the 3rd of each month. To pay by cash or check, payments must be made prior to the 3rd of the month. 

Costumes are not automatically processed. 

Any drops or schedule changes must be completed through Studio Director prior to the 1st day of the next month. Refunds are not given for classes dropped after the 1st of the month. 

To re-enroll during the same year a new registration fee must be paid and class availability is not guaranteed.

Final fees for all conventions and competitions are due 45 days prior to the event, with deposit payments paid monthly beginning in September.  In addition to the prices (listed online for each venue) there is a studio administration fee.  Dancers with tuition payments not in good standing will not be eligible to compete with the Avant Dance Company. 

Avant Dance Covid-19 Protocols 

We have returned to in person learning and are no longer offering classes via Zoom. Until further notice, all students over the age of 10 years old MUST wear a face mask while dancing. No parents are allowed in the studio to keep exposure at a minimum. Thank you for your understanding.

  1. Perform symptom and temperature checks PRIOR to bringing your child to the studio. Children with a temperature above 100 degrees or experiencing symptoms must stay home. Any child who has been exposed to, or lives with, anyone experiencing symptoms must also stay home. 
  2. Avant Staff will take each child’s temperature at drop off via a no touch thermometer. Any dancer with a temperature above 100 degrees will not be permitted inside the studio. Only students and Avant Staff will be allowed inside the studio. Students will not be allowed inside the studio prior to their scheduled class. *If you are early, please wait in your car to avoid congregating at the entrance. 
  3. Parents will drop off & pick up at our outdoor registration point. No parents or guests will be allowed to use Avant’s restroom. This will help us reduce exposure to all adults. 
  4. Students and staff will sanitize their hands upon entering the studio as well as before and after meal/water breaks. 
  5. Face masks are required for all Avant staff and dancers. Due to the laws and mandates set forth by the state of Texas and Nueces County, students 10 & older are required to wear face coverings until further notice.
    *Dancers are allowed to pull their mask down to their neck momentarily while dancing to make sure they can breathe easily. Please keep distance while your mask is down. 
  6. Grip socks or dance shoes are required for in-studio participants, to be worn inside the studio only. No bare feet will be allowed. Please plan accordingly. The boutique will be open should you need to purchase dance shoes for your child. 
  7. Place markers used in each room will be used to aid safe physical distancing. Please remind your children the importance of maintaining social distancing at all times. Avant Staff will follow a NO hands-on approach while teaching. 
  8. Staff will be frequently sanitizing high-touch areas and equipment. A high volume spray sanitizer will be sprayed on the dance floor to disinfect. Hand sanitizer will be available to all students.
  9. If you, or anyone in your household, are feeling unwell in any way, please do not visit the studio. This applies to both students and Avant Staff. Symptoms include but are not limited to: fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell. 
  10. A waiver MUST be signed by a parent or guardian before students are permitted to enter the studio. Please print and bring the signed waiver on your child’s first day of class. We will also have blank copies available at our outdoor check in. (One waiver per household required)

Class Attire: 

Ballet: girls wear pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and a leotard or dance dress of any color. Boys in ballet wear a t-shirt and black jazz pants, a biketard, bike shorts, or black tights (tight-fitting sweat pants are permitted) and black or white ballet slippers.

Jazz: dance shorts, leggings, or capri jazz pants with a leotard of any color or a jazz top and tan jazz shoes.

Hip-hop: dancers wear the same attire as jazz dancers except t-shirts and sweat pants are allowed. Hip-hop dancers wear black dance sneakers (dance, basketball, or tennis with a spin spot and non-marking soles). Dance sneakers must be used for class only and not worn on street.

Tap: wear the same attire as jazz dancers or hip-hop with tap shoes.

Lyrical: Blochsox, dance paws, or pirouettes. 

All girls wear their hair in a bun for ballet, lyrical, & jazz classes and may wear a ponytail for other classes. 

Street clothes are not allowed for class. Boys may wear athletic apparel.

Important Dates:
Company Auditions: Saturday, August 29, 2020.
Fall classes start: Sept. 8, 2020.
Hip Hop Company Auditions: Saturday, September 12, 2020.
Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 23-28, 2020. 
Holiday Break: No classes Dec. 21, 2020-Jan. 2, 2021.
Spring Break: No classes March 8-13, 2021. 
Spring Showcase: May 22, 2021.